Personal Use Tax

When a dealer uses their dealer plate

to operate an inventory vehicle for personal use

a small amount of use tax is required per the CDTFA

Take the cost of the vehicle including reconditioning costs

use the CDTFA divisor of 40 to obtain the taxable monthly base

Report this amount for each month of use on Line 2 of the CDTFA report

and then pay the sales tax due equal to the sales tax rate at your main office






wholesale dealers can draft retail sales thru TriStar Motors LLC

DMV Licensing Choices

All dealer license applicants must select the type of dealership they wish to create.

The choices are:

Wholesale Only

Wholesale only dealers sell from dealer to dealer, auction or dismantler, A wholesale only dealer cannot sell directly to the public. We offer drafted sale assistance for wholesale only dealers wishing to sell an inventory unit to the public.

Wholesale dealers selling 24 units per year or less require a $ 10k bond.

Wholesale dealers selling 25 units or more per year require a $ 50k bond.

Wholesale dealers do not need parking, outside or inside signs.

Zoning approval is usually simple and may allow a home based dealership if separate entrance requirements are met.


A retail license includes a wholesale license. Retail dealers are unrestricted in whom they can sell their inventory to. Retail dealerships require a commercial location with local zoning approval including assigned parking, inside and outside signs. Mixed use locations may qualify with zoning approval and separate offices. Only one dealer may occupy a USPS approved address.

All retail dealers, except motorcycles require a $ 50k bond.

AutoBroker Endorsement

Any dealer, wholesale or retail, with a $50k bond, local zoning approval and an outside sign may choose to become a licensed autobroker.

AutoBrokers may legally collect a finders fee when they bring a customer to a selling dealer. AutoBrokers must establish a trust account and have written authorization signed by the buyer to get paid. AutoBrokers may collect fees from the buyer and the selling dealer with full written disclosure. The fee is $ 125. then $75. per year

AutoBrokers are legally allowed to deliver brokered dealer inventory provided they have assigned their own dealer plate and have dealer insurance on file.

Call to broker new cars, 415-331-5983

Drafted Sales for Wholesale Only Dealers

TriStar Motors LLC as the only licensed retail dealer / broker certified to teach DMV dealer education offers wholesale dealers the ablity to draft retail sales on their retail dealer / broker license. Red Flag Certification required and fees are $ 250. per transaction. Restrictions apply.

Call to arrange a drafted sale, 800-901-5950.

Car Dealer Support Software

Dealer Click Management Software


Premier Vendor for Califormia DMV Certified DMS Software

From their Website:

Our powerful single point of entry system let’s you spend more time making deals and less time banging your head against your keyboard!

Whether you’re managing your inventory or building deals, pulling credit or sending applications out to your lenders, we’ve built everything a desk manager could possibly want to make the best dealership management software available.

We have also equipped our program with all the legal forms and documents needed to be compliant in all 50 states. No matter where you are located, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the best DMS on the market.


Simple Compliance

REAL Dealers teaching Dealers



celebrating 23 years of teaching california used car dealer education

As we approach our 23rd anniversary
as DMV certified car dealer license instructors
we are often asked the question
well, here are the simple answers
we answer the phone
we respond to questions
we assist before, during and after the dealer class
we are the only licensed retail dealer / brokers actually teaching
we do not sell software subscriptions or any other car dealer products
we offer the most researched and comprehensive dealer education in california

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