Car Dealer Best Practices California

Chapter 25 Permits and Decals

25.000 California Fuel Trip Permit (BOE 123)

25.005 Clean Air Decals (CADs)

25.010 Disabled Person (DP) Window Decals For Vehicles With Wheelchair Lifts or Carriers

25.015 Foreign Resident In-Transit Permit (REG 34)

25.020 Laden Commercial Trailer One Trip Permit (REG 43)

25.025 Motorcycle Transportation Permit (REG 713)

25.030 Nonresident Commercial Vehicle Trip P ermit (REG 41)

25.035 Nonresident Daily Commuter Permit (REG 150)

25.040 One Trip Permit (REG 402T)

25.045 Special Permit for Disaster Relief Work Vehicles

25.050 Temporary Nonresident Commercial Registration (REG 473)

25.055 Temporary Operating Permit (TOP) (REG 19F)

25.060 Temporary Permit for Exempt School Bus (REG 473)

25.065 Temporary Permit for Privately-Owned School Bus (PSB) (REG 473)

25.070 Transporter Permit

25.075 Vehicle Moving Permit (REG 172)

25.080 Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Parking Decal
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