half the price = half the class

Dealer License courses taught by actual Retail Dealer / Brokers
We are the highest price dealer license class of all DMV Certified Instructors
Our pricing reflects the whole price car dealer school
We call it #realcardealerschool
Pretend Car Dealer School
is taught by attorneys,
retired dmv inspectors and
former car lot salespersons
who have never ever sold a car
as a licensed retail car dealer or broker
Instructors who have
never completed a retail car deal
never completed an unwind deal
never handled an ACV trade in vehicle
never handled a dmv vehicle title application
never completed a dmv vehicle verification form
never filed sales taxes with the board of equalization
never actually obtained a smog and division 12 safety check
Instructors such as these are bound to teach you rookie mistakes
The Oldest & Largest Instructors in California
DMV Certified since 1998