wholesale dealers can draft retail sales thru TriStar Motors LLC

DMV Licensing Choices

All dealer license applicants must select the type of dealership they wish to create.

The choices are:

Wholesale Only

Wholesale only dealers sell from dealer to dealer, auction or dismantler, A wholesale only dealer cannot sell directly to the public. We offer drafted sale assistance for wholesale only dealers wishing to sell an inventory unit to the public.

Wholesale dealers selling 24 units per year or less require a $ 10k bond.

Wholesale dealers selling 25 units or more per year require a $ 50k bond.

Wholesale dealers do not need parking, outside or inside signs.

Zoning approval is usually simple and may allow a home based dealership if separate entrance requirements are met.


A retail license includes a wholesale license. Retail dealers are unrestricted in whom they can sell their inventory to. Retail dealerships require a commercial location with local zoning approval including assigned parking, inside and outside signs. Mixed use locations may qualify with zoning approval and separate offices. Only one dealer may occupy a USPS approved address.

All retail dealers, except motorcycles require a $ 50k bond.

AutoBroker Endorsement

Any dealer, wholesale or retail, with a $50k bond, local zoning approval and an outside sign may choose to become a licensed autobroker.

AutoBrokers may legally collect a finders fee when they bring a customer to a selling dealer. AutoBrokers must establish a trust account and have written authorization signed by the buyer to get paid. AutoBrokers may collect fees from the buyer and the selling dealer with full written disclosure. The fee is $ 125. then $75. per year

AutoBrokers are legally allowed to deliver brokered dealer inventory provided they have assigned their own dealer plate and have dealer insurance on file.

Call jonathan@autoconnection.com to broker new cars, 415-331-5983

Drafted Sales for Wholesale Only Dealers

TriStar Motors LLC as the only licensed retail dealer / broker certified to teach DMV dealer education offers wholesale dealers the ablity to draft retail sales on their retail dealer / broker license. Red Flag Certification required and fees are $ 250. per transaction. Restrictions apply.

Call joseph@gotplates.com to arrange a drafted sale, 800-901-5950.

buying on craigslist…..#runtheVIN

keep the car dealer honest
before you shop the car
always look for verified clean title
check each car for $ 10.





How can I reduce the cost of my Car Dealer Bond?

The most common reason for a high priced car dealer bond is that the dealer principal does not have established credit.

When this happens, no credit scores the same as bad credit.

There are a few reasons why folks don’t have established credit when they are getting their car dealer license.

Being young and not having any debt or loans may be the most common.

Being a cash person is another common reason.

For this purpose you must start to establish credit. The process of building credit will take some time but getting a credit card with a very low limit can help quite a bit.

Once you have the card activated simply purchase at least $55 worth of items every week and pay the card off every month.

Keep doing the same thing and your score will go up. Having available credit that you are not using will quickly improve your overall credit profile.






private class to become a licensed used car dealer in walnut creek

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Joseph Weatherman
DMV Certified Dealer Education Provider since 1998


buying on craigslist…..#runtheVIN

keep the car dealer honest
before you shop the car
always look for verified clean title
check each car for $ 10.





Check the status of ANY DMV Car Dealer License

TriStar Motors

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car dealer school in California.

DMV Certified since 1998.

Check the Status of ANY California DMV Dealer License

We need a copy of your photo ID

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Text your documents to:


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California Auto Dealer Training & Certification

The teaching mandates

 awareness of all applicable regulations.

Our goal is to accomplish the mandate of the DMV and provide a reliable educational resource for new and existing dealers throughout California.

Our extensive background in law enforcement training made the transition to dealer education simple.

Operating an existing dealership allows us to deliver a hands on teaching experience.

Our teaching addresses the frustration some experience trying to find simple, concise answers to dealership questions.

Founded in 1998, TriStar Motors LLC.
DMV Service Provider CCC0004